Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

I was just looking at the blog and realized I have not posted for some time. Shame on me. In my defense though, I have been busy. I had a shoot for 3 high school couples for their prom, a wedding, a reception, Memorial Day, and a house. I have finished the prom photos and will be posting some of those soon. The wedding was for a friend last Saturday. It was an outside wedding held at the Scotia Park. I always like shooting at the park just for the shear beauty of the location. After the wedding ended at 6:30, I had a second wedding of a Friends daughter that was at the Scotia Inn at 3:30. I was a guest, not the photographer. The photographer was just wrapping up when I got there, and the reception was just getting started so I got out my camera when she left and my last memory card and went to work. I love shooting in the Scotia in with available light only. The DJ was playing music, the lights were very dim, but what light there was was great. I really had a blast shooting at the reception and will be posting some of those pics when I get them done. The last shoot was a house for a real estate agent. I will be wrapping those pics up soon so I can focus on the wedding pictures. Check back soon for pics of all of the shoots. You won't want to miss any, but especially the Scotia Inn reception.

Regards, Dave

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