Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scotia Inn Pub Open House

Friday night was the Open House for the Scotia Inn Pub. I went with my wife, parents and some good friends. People really turned out for this, every seat was filled for the whole night. After and hour at the Pub, I got out my camera and took some pictures of the night with ambient light only. I much prefer the look of ambient for something like this. Pubs are constant motion, and the low shutter speed and high ISO really help convey this feeling.

As far as the night, we had a great time. The hors de ordervs were great. Good beer and great service from the staff really made the night. I know we would really like to extend our appreciation to the new owners for a great night. If you get the chance, head down and have some cocktails, and the head on up to the dining room.

My mom

A little shy

Surprise or Shock?

Just relaxing

A little spilled food. Stain removers are great, aren't they?


Getting comfortable at the bar.

The band, Boomsauii

Getting into the swing of it.

My Wife, Ronda

Money on the table for the next round


Passing out food.
Conversation with friends.

Saying hi.

Now with friends.

Let me tell you.

The end of the best Roy Rogers ever.

Engaging the customer.

Our waitress.

Behind the bar.

In a happy place, I hope.

The bartender.

My dad.

Talk is on.

A picture of the picture taker.



Ted realizing that his beer is not the only on tap.

Buying a round, welcome to Scotia.
The band in a different light.


One more look back.

The view out the door.

Hope you enjoyed. Dave

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